Amazon Sales

When you looked for your first storefront or flea market or farmers market space what did you want number 1 on your list? TRAFFIC!! How would you like a location with 175,000,000 visitors every month? Amazon offers you just that kind of traffic. That traffic is hungry buyers last year those buyers spent $88 billion dollars. With third party vendors making up 40% of Amazon’s sales that means last year companies just like yours sold over 34 billion dollars’ worth of their goods. Amazon offers you a showcase for your product like none other.

There are over 3 million third party vendors so there must be money to be made right? Yes there are rivers of it. There are some considerations though. There are some tips and tricks to being really successful on Amazon that they just don’t put out on their website.

Marketing Magic Today specializes in those tips and tricks and can help you get your products on Amazon, ranked on Amazon and selling on Amazon. Click here for more information on how we can help you get your products selling today, like magic.


Reputation Protection

  • Studies have shown that 75% of potential customers check reviews first before they make a purchase and four out of five of them choose the competition after reading one bad review.  80% of your business may be walking away before giving you a chance. Take control of your brand back from your competition.
  • Do you have an online reputation protection strategy?  Click here for a free guide to Protecting your online reputation.
  • Be responsive!  The sooner a disgruntled customer is addressed the easier it is to melt away their concerns and the better chance you have of getting them to turn around their bad review.
  • But your busy right?  You have a business to run right?  So automate your monitoring.  Imagine the peace of mind you will possess when you set your software to alert you when a bad review is posted.  You know within minutes of the review posted you get an email alert.  You may get the alert before the customer leaves your business.  Imagine their surprise when you address their concerns within minutes of their poor report.  That is how you turn a disgruntled customer into a raving fan!